Structure / Steel Framing / Panels

Offers a unique alternative to building with other structural applications. Utilizing light gauge, galvanized steel, our system provides a cost effective, long-term solution to structural framing requirements.

The system is comprised of steel studs, tracks, accessory openings, joists, deck and roof trusses supplied by Dietrich Metals one of the largest suppliers of steel studs in the world.

The building system is a comprehensive, lightweight, structural, steel-framing system that offers super strength, super speed and super savings. It is suitable for virtually all kinds of buildings - high and low cost residential, commercial, industrial, retail, warehousing and high-rise construction.

Multi- storeys can be constructed of stand alone light frame steel and used in conjunction with other methods and materials.

The building system offers major advantages of complete adaptability and a high strength-to-weight ratio - all at cost-effective prices. It is strong and safe to work with and is very fast to erect.

Projects that require a high-tech, clean-finish look are best suited to an aluminum plate exterior wall system. Ideal for corporate headquarters, hospitals and buildings with an unusual architectural theme, aluminum plate is a flexible system that allows the option of clean flat lines or curvilinear construction involving bending or radiusing.

Aluminum plate panels are also a good option for cladding fascia, soffits, canopies and balconies. If unique architectural detailing is required, panels can also be custom fabricated to meet intricate design requirements.

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