Steel Products Used


Aluminum Composite Material panels (ACM) allow for greater options on any major construction project. With a low-density polyethylene core, these specially engineered flat, lightweight, rigid yet formable panels have a high bond strength and an exemplary CAN/ULC fire safety rating. Ideal for complex projects with many design elements, ACM, with its high-tech look and flexibility, allows for multiple curves and other various applications. ACM can be used to clad spandrel areas, enclose industrial buildings, clad columns and beams, and cover parapets and/or sheer walls, copings, canopy fascias and soffits. Truly an affordable option, ACM is excellent for office towers, smaller multi-storey facilities and commercial use buildings.


Projects that require a high-tech, clean-finish look are best suited to an aluminum plate exterior wall system. Ideal for corporate headquarters, hospitals and buildings with an unusual architectural theme, aluminum plate is a flexible system that allows the option of clean flat lines or curvilinear construction involving bending or radiusing. Aluminum plate panels are also a good option for cladding fascia, soffits, canopies and balconies. If unique architectural detailing is required, panels can also be custom fabricated to meet intricate design requirements. Constructed from 1/8" aluminum plate with a Duranar XL paint finish or an anodized finish, aluminum plate is a highly flexible product with multiple options for use. With virtually limitless colour options, aluminum plate is an exceptional product with which to work.


Specialty Veneers is a title we've given to two recently popular cladding products, Phenolic resin/wood composite and Fibre reinforced cement panels. These high quality products are offered in a wide variety of finishes and colours to suit your project's needs. These versatile and lightweight building products can be fastened to the wall with either an exposed or concealed fastener system and used for either interior or exterior applications. These materials are ideal for both new construction and retrofits as well as LEED construction as the cores of each product contain a high percentage of recycled content.


Two materials that have been used by man since the bronze age, copper and zinc are truly timeless materials. Whether a project seeks to achieve a modern or contemporary look, these archetypal materials can accommodate any design.
With unique properties that allow both products to only improve with age, these products share a symbiotic relationship with time. Copper alloy provides a beautiful and unique patina process that is characteristic to its environment. Zinc, available in a wide range of pre-weathered colours will protect itself over time as it interacts with the exterior environment.
Tooled by our ancestors and used by today's architects, exotic metals add a rich lustre that will make your project stand against the test of time.

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