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      Patrick is the President of P.T.M Pre-Fab Installations Inc, a company specializing in installing architectural equipment and the construction of buildings.

With a wealth of industry expertise, mostly accredited to his broad experience, Patrick draws on a unique blend of abilities as he oversees all of the company’s operations.

Utilizing his seasoned precision, Patrick quotes, measures and manages each project with superior time and cost efficiency.

The company’s growth continues to spiral upward with the completion of each new project, as his clients highlight his impeccable craftsmanship and client-centric service.


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I would like to tell you how much we enjoy the addition. Your excellent workmanship and indefatigable attention to detail has been a great blessing to us.

-KG, New York

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Why Steel?

Once you understand the benefits of light-frame steel construction, with light-gauge steel panelization system is suitable for the vast majority of projects undertaken in the construction industry, both domestically and worldwide.


Over the last decade this type of design and building system has been used successfully worldwide and continues to gain recognition as the system of preference for virtually all building types from single and multi-family residences to office and retail commercial uses and even comStruplex institutional buildings such as schools, universities, health care facilities , research centers and acute care hospitals. once you understand the benefits of light-frame steel construction.

Materials are light-gauge steel (studs, joists and rafters) as a complete panelized building systems with structural integrity suitable for framing and building single or multi-storey buildings world wide.


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